Russian musician, conductor.

Yuri Medianik is a rare phenomenon of contemporary music performance. This is a person with a flair for performance, inordinate virtuosity with respect to several musical instruments and outstanding artistic individuality. He is an artist whose creative work is far beyond academic musician standards.

Yuri Medianik is a Russian multi-instrumentalist, one of highly accomplished musicians that can play several instruments. At the age of 2, he started playing the bayan; at 8 continued with the violin and not long time ago ‘fell in love’ with bandoneon and was the first musician to acquaint the Russian general public with this popular instrument from Argentina. He is the author of NTO Project (first project of the electronic tango in Russia), guest conductor of Bass Voices of the 21st Century Festival, founder and conductor of Pluri_Art Orchestra, art director of Emotion-orchestra, honorary member of Kaunas Conservatory (Lithuania). For 6 concert seasons, Yuri has been the Art Director of Young Talents’ Performance – a number of subscription concerts in the Rachmaninov Hall of Moscow Conservatory devoted to young talents.

The musician completed graduate and post graduate program at Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory (violin class of prof. Аra Bogdanyan),  Gnessin Russian Academy of Music (bayan class of prof. Vyacheslav Semenov).

Yuri Medianik is a prize winner in a number of prestigious competitions, namely: Demidov International Violin Competition (Grand prize), Vogtland’s Days of Music International Accordeionists and Bayanists Competition (1st prize, Klingenthal Germany), 3rd International Competition of Bayanists and Accordionists (1st prize, Moscow), Yugoria First All-Russian Bayan Competition (1st prize) etc.

Yuri Medianik’s concerts are held at the Moscow International House of Music, SC Olimpiysky, Rossia Concert Hall, State Kremlin Palace, Grand and Small Halls of Moscow Conservatory, Grand Hall of Saint-Petersburg Philhamonic, Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, Victoria Hall (Geneva), Concert Hall in Boston University, (USA), Concert Hall in Oxford University (England), Glinka Capella (Saint-Petersburg), Grand Hall of Sverdlovsk Philharmonia, Novaya Opera Theatre of Moscow, Samara Opera and Ballet Theatre, Voronezh Opera Theatre, Erevan Organ Hall (Armenia).

In spite of Yuri’s great devotion to classical music, his repertoire is not limited to it. He works closely with jazz musicians — Sergey Zhilin,  Igor Butman, Oleg Kireev, Daniel Kramer; performs together with TODES ballet by Alla Dukhova; dancers — Sebastian Arce, Mariana Montes and Michael Ihnow; actors — Dmitry Pevtsov and Irina Apeksimova. Fruitful cooperation with Anna Netrebko, Erwin Schrott and maestro Vladimir Spivakov is a separate milestone of Yuri’s creative career.

A Recollection of Piazzola CD (Gnessin Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra/ M. Khokhlov, Piazzolla Quintet ensemble) is among the records of Yuri Medianik that has been internationally acclaimed. In 2007, it has remained in TOP 100 best-selling albums in the UK branch of the Internet shop for three months. The record of SonataBACH program together with the cellist Boris Andrianov, as well as Golden Age of Soviet Tango CD — joint program with the art project TenorS of the XXI Century — are coming soon.

Yuri Medianik is in constant development and forges ahead with new ideas. In 2011, the musician prepared a new concert program in the Moscow International House of Music— LATINO in Shades of White — which was a success. In the same year, Yuri Medianik and Pluri_Art Orchestra worked closely with Channel One participating in several editions of ‘Star Factory. The Return’ project (joint performance with Dominick Joker). In 2012, Yuri became producer of the Story of Love. Anna Magdalena and Johann Sebastian Bach program with the actress Irina Apeksimova which was first performed at the Moscow International House of Music and then in Perm, Sverdlovsk, Tyumen' and Tver philharmonias. During 2013/2014 concert season, a new program by Emotion-orchestra project will be opened for the first time: Vivaldi. Four Seasons of Tango — a completely new interpretation and modification of A. Vivaldi’s scores in tango style preserving the original themes of the composer.



YURI MEDIANIK (violin, bayan, bandoneon)



Date and place of Birth: 21.02.1983, Amvrosievka  (Ukraine) 

Present place of residing : Moscow (Russia)
Nationality: Russian



2006-2009 Moscow State Conservatoire of Tchaikovsky (MA, violin).  Dissertation subject:  French-Belgian Violin School of XVIII-XX century

2000-2006 Moscow State Conservatoire of Tchaikovsky (BMus, violin)

2006-2007 Conservatoire Royale de Mons (Belgium) class of bayan

2006-2008 Gnesin Russian Academy of Music Fellowship (bayan)

1997-2001 Gnesin Special Musical school-lycée, Moscow (violin)

1997-2000 Gnesin Special Musical school-lycée, Moscow (bayan)



2005 Grand Prix in “Open Europe” international competition, Moscow (Russia)

2004 Grand Prix in Demidov Internation Violin Competition, Yekaterinburg (Russia)

2001 Grand Prix in all-Russia Bayan Competition “Yugoria” (Russia)

2000 1st Prize in Moscow International Bayanists and Accordionists Competition, Moscow (Russia)

1997 1st Prize in Vogtland Music Days, Klingenthal (Germany)

1997 Grand Prix in Beloborodov Competition (Russia)



2008-2011 Art director of the “Youth Creativity” Subscription in the Rachmaninov Hall of the Moscow State Conservatoire

2010 “Dvoryanskiye Sezony” Music festival director, Moscow (Russia)

2009 Performance in “Russian Day” concert in Geneva (Switzerland)

2008 Performance in “Days of the Russian Culture in Bulgaria” in the presence of the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and the president of Bulgaria Georgi Parvanov

2007 Co-organizer of “Opera Ischia” Festival (Italy) and producer of “Pluri_Art & Opera Ischia” cycle of concerts

2007- present founder and president of the Center of Classical and Folk Music “Pluri_Art”

2007-present founder and art director of the “Pluri_Art Orchestra”

2007- present founder and art director of “Yuri Medianik and Emotion Orchestra” project

2007- present Vice President of the “Bayanists and Accordionists Association” in Moscow (Russia)

2005-present Honorary Member of the Music Conservatoire in Kaunas (Lithuania)



Soloists and ensembles:

Denis Matsuev (piano), Daniil Kramer (piano), Vazgen Vartanyan (piano), Yuliana Avdeeva (piano), Igor Butman (saxophone), Oleg Kireyev (saxophone), Pavel Vernikov (violin), Alyona Bayeva (violin), Boris Andrianov (cello), Denis Shapovalov (cello), Alexey Archipovsky (balalaika), Aydar Gaynullin (bayan), Nadezhda Krygina (folk), Konstantyn Volostnov (organ), Maxim Paster (tenor), Alexander Zakharov (tenor), Mikhail Urusov (tenor), Artem Dervoed (guitar), Roger Vigulf (clarinet), Sebastian Arce (tanguero), Marianna (tango), Yuri Shevchyuk (voice), Dmitriy Kharatyan (actor), Efim Shifrin (actor), Evgeni Doga (composer), Glinka String Quartet



Pacien Mazzagatti, Guido van den Bosch, Lucy Arner, Vladimir Ziva, Sergey Skripka, Vladimir Ponkin, Felix Korobov, Pavel Ovsyannikov, Sergei Tararin, Sergei Kondrashev, Arkadi Feldman, Michail Scherbakov, Timur Mynbayev, Enche Bartazhaavyn, Vyacheslav Valeev



Moscow Symphony Orchestra “Russian Philharmonia”, Symphony Orchestra of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, P. I. Tchaikovsky large symphony orchestra, “Musica Viva” Orchestra, “Moskoviya” Chamber Orchestra, “Vivaldi- Orchestra”, “The Seasons” Orchestra, The Orchestra of the XXI Century, Molodova National Symphony Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra of the Ministry of Culture of Bashkortostan Republic (Ufa), Samara Philharmonia Symphony Orchestra, Zhukov Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra of the Ministry of Culture of Udmurtiya Republic (Izhevsk),  Kaliningrad Symphony Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra of Saratov Philharmonia, “Classica” Chelyabinsk Chamber Orchestra, “Gnesin Virtuosos” Orchestra, Osipov Russian Folk Instrument Orchestra, Shalyapin Russian Folk Instrument Viatka Orchestra (Kirov), Folk Instrument Governor`s Orchestra (Cherepovets), The Ural State National Orchestra (Yekaterinburg)



2006 “Recollections of Piazzolla”, Art- Classic label, Russia

2004 “Images of Three Centuries”, Art- Classic label, Russia



“Constellation of Temptations”,Art- Classic label, Russia



2010 (May) North Korea concert tour with an Orchestra

2010 (March) Russia Concert Tour“Solo Concert” (violin/bayan)

2009 (April) Concert Tour with “Emotion-orchestra”

2007 (December) France Concert Tour

2007 (July) Recitals in Belgium

2006 (January) Recitals in France

2005 (March) Lithuania Concert Tour



Victoria Hall (Geneva, Switzerland), Boston University (Boston, USA), Palace of Congresses in a name of Kim Il-sung (Pyongyang, North Korea), National Palace of Culture (Sofia, Bulgaria), Palatul National (Chisinau, Moldova), Moscow Performing Arts Center, Moscow, Russia), The Kremlin Palace of Congresses (Moscow, Russia), The Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatoire (Moscow, Russia), Tchaikovsky Concert Hall in Moscow (Russia), Glinka Chapel (Saint Petersburg, Russia), The Organ Hall (Yerevan, Armenia)